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  • Tomintoul 15 Year Old Peaty Tang Single Malt Scotch Whisky

    Speyside - 70cl / 40%

    Tomintoul 15 year old Peaty tang is a relatively new addition to the already excellent core range Nose: Gentle heathery smoke balanced with creamy sweet tones and oaky spice. Flavour: Conspicuous smokiness moderated by soft Speyside malt and gentle spice. Finish: Soft, smoky and prolonged with a …

    £54.99 inc. VAT
  • Tomintoul 18 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky Gift Pack

    Speyside - 70cl / 40%

    Tomintoul 18 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky Gift Pack. The multi award winning Tomintoul Distillery have released their first 18 year old single malt, cleverly incorporating this excellent whisky into a gift pack containing two Tomintoul branded glass tumblers to allow you full enjoyment of thi…

    £85.00 inc. VAT
  • Tomintoul 16 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky 35cl

    Speyside - 35cl / 40%

    Image of 70cl for illustration purposes only! On the nose this whisky is rounded with lovely softness. Hints of hazelnut and candied peel. The palate is full-flavoured, nutty with spicy overtones. The finish is very long and gentle.

    £22.99 inc. VAT
  • Tomintoul 15 Year Old Portwood Finish Single Malt Scotch Whisky

    Speyside - 70cl / 46%

    Tomintoul 15 year old Portwood Finish is a Limited Edition release  of only 5820 bottles. Nose: Summer fruits, strawberries and blackberries tempered with some toffee sweetness and cigar box spiciness. Flavour: Lush clean malt modified by fruity sweet Port and some spicy oak tones. Finish: Full …

    £69.99 inc. VAT
  • Tomintoul 10 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

    A-Z Scotch Whisky - 35cl / 40%

    "The Gentle Dram" as it is affectionately known is a wonderfully soft and well-balanced whisky. The nose offers caramel and barley as well as a faint whiff of freshly roasted coffee beans. The palate is really tasty and sweet, Chantilly cream, toffee and chewy caramel flavours are prevalent moving o…

    £17.99 inc. VAT
  • Tomintoul Five Decades Single Malt Scotch Whisky

    Speyside - 70cl / 50%

    Tomintoul Distillery have released a very special and unique product, The Five Decades, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Tomintoul Distillery, which started distilling in 1965. Individual casks have been chosen to represent the flavours from 50 years of craftsmanship at the distillery. Master …

    £259.00 inc. VAT
  • Tomintoul Peaty Tang Single Malt Scotch Whisky

    Speyside - 70cl / 40%

    Heathery smoke on the nose which is balanced with subtle floral tones. The palate has a gentle "peat-reek" flavour along with a hint of malty nuttiness. The finish has a lingering smokiness with a lovely touch of sweetness.

    £34.99 inc. VAT
  • Tomintoul 21 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky (Whisky An' A' That Best On Show 2011)

    Speyside - 70cl / 40%

    Voted "Best Whisky on Show" at our Whisky An' A' That Festival 2011. The nose is soft and creamy with sweet toffee tones. The palate is smooth and gentle with a pleasing toffee sweetness and hint of butterscotch. The finish is creamy with some soft spicy tones. A great value 21 year old.  21y/o…

    £119.99 inc. VAT