Meikle Toir The Sherry One - 5 Year Old - Peated Speyside - Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Speyside | 70CL/48%
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About Meikle Toir The Sherry One - 5 Year Old - Peated Speyside - Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Expertly matured in quality Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso Sherry puncheons, the casks have imparted rich, fruity notes that mingle harmoniously with warming wisps of peat smoke.

Made using mainland peat from St. Fergus, the sweet phenolic content of the whisky amounts to 35 PPM. A lengthy fermentation period of 160 hours results in a fruit-forward spirit that lends itself perfectly to ageing in the finest Sherry oak.

Meikle Toir (meaning Big Pursuit), is proudly presented by GlenAllachie Distillery, welcomes you to a captivating world where the allure of Speyside elegance meets the bold embrace of mainland peat. Crafted with meticulous care and an unwavering commitment to quality, Meikle Toir introduces a remarkable collection of Peated Speyside Single Malt Whiskies, encompassing four distinctive releases that encapsulate the diverse facets of this extraordinary marriage of flavours. 
At Meikle Toir, the creation of exceptional Peated Speyside single malts is a testament to the expertise and dedication of the blending team, led by Master Blender Billy Walker . The commitment to quality is exemplified through an intricate process that involves meticulous cask management and a lengthy fermentation period of 160 hours, resulting in four distinct expressions that captivate the palate and evoke a sense of unparalleled enjoyment. 

Meikle Toir's Peated Speyside single malt whisky collection beckons the curious and the connoisseur alike to delve into a world where mainland peat and Speyside finesse harmonize in perfect union. With each release, Meikle Toir showcases their mastery, dedication, and passion for creating whiskies that transcend the ordinary, providing enthusiasts with a range of expressions that celebrate the art of balance, innovation, and tradition.


Tasting Notes:

Nose : Cedarwood and cigar box, alongside butterscotch, mocha and orange peel, with hints of honey and plum jam.

Taste: Rich dark chocolate, smoked honey and mocha, followed by fig syrup, treacle and burnt sugar, with puffs of peat smoke on the finish.

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