Ardbeg 13 Year Old Anthology Harpys Tale - Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Islay | 70CL/46%

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About Ardbeg 13 Year Old Anthology Harpys Tale - Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Anthology is a series of limited releases over the next 3 years, comprising unique Ardbeg expressions released in increasing age from 13YO to 15YO. The “Anthology” will tell a story of three rare and strange liquids: experimental maturations in which Dr. Bill crossed classic Ardbeg smoke with sweeter, more delicate notes. The result: a merging of cask ‘species’, creating entirely new Ardbeg creatures. Three parcels of teenage stock have been selected. Each contains a cask maturation which is unique vs. any previous Ardbeg batch release. Each of the release will thus reimagine its strange hybrid liquid as a mythological beast– this year being, ‘The Harpy’s Tale’…

Locals were getting twitchy about mysterious disappearances...

There’s an appetite for all things rare at Ardbeg. Dugga, Head Warehouseman and novice ornithologist, lays claim to the rarest of encounters whilst tracking down the supposedly winged culprit of an undergarment theft. Believing it to be a resident golden eagle nicking the knickers, he set up the Mull of Oa to crack the case. But what transpired was a meeting far rarer than any feathered fowl…

Binoculars and bottle safely stowed, the eagle-eyed Dugga lay in wait. Suddenly, a shrill screech pierced the air and without warning a wingtip revealed itself. ‘The folk back at the Distillery are never going to  believe me’, he thought. And he was right. It was no eagle. It was a Harpy. The head of a human and the body of an eagle, it’s said to control storms with the flap of its wings. But as we now know, it’s more interested in hosiery than hurricanes. Returning to the Distillery, a bottle of Ardbeg lighter, his story remains just as unbelievable to this very day…

A marriage of whisky matured in sweet Sauternes wine casks, together with classic Ardbeg aged in ex-bourbon casks. Smoked lemon peel soars alongside  balsamic vinegar, before fresh apricots roll and bank into notes of tarry rope. First imagined only as a flight of fantasy, this is a spirit that achieves the ultimate equilibrium between sweetness and smoke. A rare beast Ardbeg indeed.

Bottled in tribute to the lesser-spotted Islay creature, The Harpy’s Tale is the first delicious edition in the Ardbeg Anthology Collection.


Colour: Amber 

Aroma: Very distinctively oily, with touches of extra virgin olive oil, sweet briar wood, aromatic herbs (coriander & sage) and a suggestion of smoked lemon peel. A splash of water releases more oiliness, like linseed oil, a gentle waxiness, and a burst of perfumed, aromatic carbolic soap, and finally, a whiff of crème brulee.

Taste: A soft, oily, mouthcoating texture leads into a rich, sweet, smoky palate, with hints of oak moss, treacle, aniseed lozenges and a lovely, sweet, woody/balsamic flavour. This is then followed by smoked apricots and eucalyptus oil.

Finish: Finally comes a lingering, sweet/smoky aftertaste, with a touch of cumin, cardamon and the merest hint of coconut.

Tasting notes courtesy of Ardbeg Distillery.

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