Carsebridge 48 Year Old Single Grain Scotch Whisky - Special Release 2018

Carsebridge 48 Year Old Single Grain Scotch Whisky - Special Release 2018

Grain Whisky

70cl / 43.2%

Carsebridge 48 Year Old Single Grain is an extremely rare whisky from a closed distillery.

Only 1,000 bottles are available worldwide.

A truly fantastic and unique aged Grain whisky

Distilled in 1970 and bottled in 2018 with an ABV of 43.2%,aged in Refill American oak hogsheads.


Nose : Very open and most unusual. Delicate and fragile. Shy, then rich and tantalisingly tart. Opens to yield sweet, floral notes of dried flowers and oil, in a dusty oak drawer. Like a bowl of extremely ripe fruit left in the sunshine; plum, peach and red apple. Later, orange juice vies with wood oil. Hints of sawn oak, mint and rich white chocolate truffle. Unexpectedly light and balanced throughout.

Palate : Gently sweet. A voluptuous mouthfeel and a big, soft, sweet taste to start, with oak shavings and pencil boxes in mid palate and gentle spice later on; linseed oil, artist’s studio, apple juice and caramel. Very occasionally, a soft and fleeting, subtle floral, perfumed note.

Finish : Light, volatile, and longer than expected from a grain whisky. Some discreetspice; light wood, grape stems, raisins and subtly, more oiled wood. Late on,a barely perceptible bitterness and a warming and surprisingly appealing noteof fresh-laid tarmac.

Tasting notes by the Producers.


More Information

Year: 1970
Location: Scotland
£775.00 inc vat