The London Gin - No. 1

The London Gin - No. 1


70cl / 47%

London No. 1 is quadruple distilled and produced in small batches, thus creating a smooth gin of premium quality: exactly the intention of Master Distiller Charles Maxwell. The London Gin is made from the highest quality English grain spirit and contains with 13 key botanicals.

Juniper, coriander and angelica are the key components but to this lemon peel, cassia bar, liquorice, cinnamon, almond, savory, orris root, orange root, gardenia and bergamot are added totally 13 botanicals. Bergamot is of course the key contributor to the aroma of Earl Grey tea although we do not recommend having this along with breakfast…

The nose is gentle and enticing with marked spicy and balsamic notes.

Like the nose, the palate is soft leading to a long finish.

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Location: England
£32.99 inc vat

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