Makar Oak Aged Gin

Makar Oak Aged Gin


70cl / 43%

Makar Oak Aged Gin

Gin from Glasgow! Why not?

Makar Oak Aged Gin adds complexity to an already intriguing spirit, aged for 10 weeks in Oak wood casks. 

The result is a beautiful marriage of the classic Makar with smokiness from the oak casks. 

100% natural colour and flavour. 


Nose: Fresh pine and smoky oak, rosemary and citrus, mellowed by soft notes of vanilla, warm spice and cinnamon.

Palate: Bonfire toffee on the palate followed by juniper and vanilla, with notes of fresh coffee and dark chocolate.

Finish: Warm, peppery with smoke.

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Location: Scotland
£27.99 inc vat

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