The Glenrothes 1976 Cask 2677 Batch 1 Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The Glenrothes 1976 Cask 2677 Batch 1 Single Malt Scotch Whisky


70cl / 47.4%

T H E  G L E N R O T H E S  1 9 7 6 Distilled 26th February 1976

A limited Edition of only 238 bottles.

Batch 1

On 28th December 1879 the first spirit flowed from the stills at Glenrothes Distillery; it quickly became – and remains – highly sought-after by Master Blenders as an enhancer, adding character and backbone to many well known whiskies.
Over 100 years later, in the early 1990s, Berry Bros.& Rudd Ltd, the world’s oldest wine and spirit merchant, saw an opportunity to do things differently by introducing the Vintage SingleMalt.
The first?The Vintage 1979.
The Glenrothes, a single malt whisky of exceptional breeding and impeccable manners, was a perfect fit for the family-run business that has supplied Royalty for most of its 300 year existence and whose Chairman, Simon Berry, is the Clerk of the Royal Cellars.

Speyside is the cradle of malt whisky distillation and Glenrothes Distillery lies at its very heart, beside the Burn of Rothes that flows from the MannochHills into the mighty River Spey.
Exceptional care is taken in crafting the spirit that will become TheGlenrothes.The purewater is taken from only two springs – the Ardcanny and the Brauchill (or Lady’s Well) – both situated near the distillery. Only Scottish barley is used.
The stills at Glenrothes Distillery today remain exact replicas of the original pair made in1879. The unusually slow distillation process in the tall copperpot stills delivers a characteristically sweet, fruity and elegant spirit.
Just as the dedicated water supply adds its own influence, the extraordinary microclimate of the area surrounding the distillery impacts the development of flavour in oak casks over long years of maturation in traditional dunnage-style warehouses.
On top of the inimitable specifics of provenance there is, of course, the wisdom of the artisan, unhurriedly but meticulously passed on from generation to generation.


CASK: American Oak Hogshead second fill.
DISTILLED: 26th February 1976.
BOTTLED: 14th December 2015.
OUT-TURN: 238 bottles at 47.4% ABV.

APPEARANCE: Clear, bright and golden.
BOUQUET: Rich fudge, creamy, appley, subtle malt.
PALATE: Coconut, oak, apple strudel.
FINISH: Remains oaky and sweet.

© Berry Bros. & Rudd 2016


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