Pickering's Gin - Speyside Limited Edition Oaked Gin

Gin | 35CL/47%
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About Pickering's Gin - Speyside Limited Edition Oaked Gin

Pickering's is Edinburgh's first gin distillery for over 150 years, they've been a long time coming but we think they're worth the wait!

This limited edition Pickering's sees selected batches of gin aged in oak casks from Scotland's most iconic whisky regions.

A sublime taste that begins like gin on the palate but finishes like whisky.

Highly collectable yet highly drinkable.

What a dilemma!

Batch 1 consisting of only 200 35cl bottles.

Over half of Scotland’s malt whisky distilleries can be found in this region alone.

Aroma: Light, fresh and citric to start, with a faint mossy base note and wood shavings in the finish. Water opens up a more mushroomy, damp woody undercurrent.

Taste: The delicate sweetness of Speyside whiskies is evident, though subtle. Classic flavours of vanilla & caramel emerge. Lime flavoured boiled sweets with a woody, vegetal quality.

Tasting Notes courtesy of Pickering's


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