White Oak Akashi Japanese Blended Whisky

White Oak Akashi Japanese Blended Whisky


50cl / 40%

Akashi is the official whisky from the Japanese distillery WHITE OAK. As you can easily guess from its name, the distillery is located within the small-sized city of Akashi, south of the main island, a few miles away from Kobe.

White Oak distillery was the first Japanese distillery to be granted a proper whisky distillation license, back in 1919.

The influence of the local climate makes it a very unique environment to mature whisky compared to other distillers’ warehouses, with important temperature differences between summer and winter. But on the other hand, it is said that this helps their whisky to mature faster.

The distillery was built in the Scottish style, and they are producing only malt whiskies although on a very small scale. This is a very unique distillery, using only specially-selected barley imported from Scotland, and production water that comes from the same underground source used in the making of their Japanese sake.

A beautiful and typical Japanese blend. Pleasant freshness, spices but also fruity aromas, almost sugary. Vibrant and powerful on the palate, woody notes lead the way to tasty dried fruits. An expression you can perfectly enjoy both neat and mixed!

Nose: Light & smooth – cereal, orchard fruits, honey
Palate: Powerful & balanced – peach, almond, grapes
Finish: Long & dry – spiced.

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Location: Japan
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