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Vodka is traditionally distilled from fermented grain or potatoes and is composed mainly of water and ethanol. As a result, vodka on its own has no real character or complexity and is therefore drunk mainly mixed in long drinks or cocktails.

Vodkas hailing from Eastern Europe tend to be 40% ABV although the minimum requirement as set by the European Union is 37.5% ABV. The U.S.A. however require products described as vodka to be of a minimum 40% ABV.

In its native lands, known as the vodka belt which stretches from Eastern Europe to the far reaches of the East coast of Russia, vodka is traditionally drunk neat and chilled however in the Western world it is far more commonly served as a basis for long drinks and cocktails.

Repeated distillation increases the alcoholic content of the spirit and thus the finished product can be as high as 98% and with each distillation the vodka tends to increase in quality as more impurities are removed. Some vodkas are bottled at these mind-blowingly high alcohol by volume levels however the vast majority are watered down to around the 40% ABV mark.

The practice of flavouring vodka is a very common one nowadays with large companies such as Smirnoff releasing expressions such as Blueberry, Apple, Coffee etc. In addition, boutique distilleries are producing more unusual flavours such as Seville Orange, Rhubarb and Raspberry.

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  • Puschkin Nuts & Nougat

    Fruit Liqueurs - 70cl / 17.5%

    Take the chocolate from a Toblerone, add a lot of vodka and you basically have this, another unique offering from the good people of Berentzen.

    £16.99 inc. VAT
  • Ciroc Vodka

    Vodka - 70cl / 40%

    Crafted from the finest French grapes as opposed to the usual grain or potato, Ciroc is one of the world's most up and coming (and finest) vodkas.

    was £34.99
    £29.99 inc. VAT
  • Crystal Head Vodka 3 Litre Jeroboam Bottle

    Vodka - 300cl / 40%

    Arguably the most impressive bottle that we stock, this monstrous 3 Litre Jeroboam bottle of Crystal Head commands attention and could easily be the centre piece of any cocktail party. The vodka within is filtered seven times, the final three of which go through Herkimer diamonds (500,000,000 year…

    £295.00 inc. VAT
  • Smirnoff Gold Collection

    Vodka - 70cl / 37.5%

    Smirnoff Gold is an interesting twist on this well established and loved brand. It  contains edible 23 carat gold leaf, which is designed to add an eye catching, luxurious twist to the vodka market. Quite an intense cinnamon flavour which is rather appealing.

    £21.99 inc. VAT
  • Smirnoff Black Label Vodka

    Vodka - 70cl / 40%

    A very smooth and clear vodka. Rich and mellow with a silky feel on the palate. A vodka to be sipped and savoured

    £22.99 inc. VAT
  • Ketel One Vodka

    Vodka - 70cl / 40%

    Ketel One is the culmination of the Nolet family's 10 generations of distilling experience. Made from 100% wheat and distilled in small batches, it's smooth, velvety taste shares the depth and character of those who enjoy it.

    £29.99 inc. VAT
  • Mamont Vodka

    Vodka - 70cl / 40%

    Cyrstal clear Mamont is like no other vodka. Outstandingly smooth, clear, delicate and rich toned, its secret lies in uniquely Siberian ingredients and craftmanship. An excellent vodka which has a hint of cedar nuts. Bottle is shaped like a mammoths tusk.

    £39.99 inc. VAT
  • Belvedere 1.75 Litre

    Vodka - 175cl / 40%

    The nose on this wonderful Polish vodka is gentle and creamy with vanilla aromas. The palate is full and round with medium body and a naturally smooth velvet texture. Sweet and savoury with a hint of black pepper and spice. The finish is long. Tasting notes courtesy of Moet Hennessy.

    £110.00 inc. VAT