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Technically speaking, Tequila is actually a type of Mezcal. The specific difference with tequila is that it is distilled purely from the blue agave plant, primarily in a region surrounding the Mexican city of Tequila in the north west of the country.

Tequila, despite its association with American college students and drinking parties is actually a premium alcohol in comparison to its parent drink, mezcal. Examples of very well aged tequilas ranging upwards into the hundreds of pounds are more common than you would expect with companies such as Patron producing very high-end tequila.

The legend of the worm is often associated with tequila however in reality, the worm (beetle larva) is actually only found in certain mezcals and began as a marketing gimmick in the early 20th century.

Much like with rum, there are different types of tequilas as listed below;

Blanco (White) or Plata (Silver) - This is white spirit that can be bottled immediately after distillation or aged less than two months in stainless steel or neutral oak barrels. It is unaged.

Joven (Young) or Oro (Gold) - This variety is unaged, blanco tequila that has had the additional ingredients of colouring and caramel flavouring added.

Resposado (Rested) - This variety is aged in oak barrels with no capacity limit for a minimum of two and maximum of 12 months.

Añejo ("Aged" or "Vintage") - Starting to delve towards the realm of premium tequila now, this variety is aged for a minimum of one year and maximum of three in oak barrels with a capacity of 600 litres.

Extra Añejo (Exta-Aged) - This variety is the most premium one and is exclusive to tequilas aged for at least three years in oak barrels with no maximum age restraint.

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