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The Bruichladdich Distillery was built by Barnett Harvey in 1881 with the brand itself being established in 1886. The distillery remained under the control of the Harvey family for another 52 years until it was purchased by Jospeh Hobbs, Hatim Attari and Alexander Tolmie before operations were moved to Associated Scottish Distillers later that year.

In 1952 it was sold to Ross & Coulter of Glasgow before that company was bought over by A. B. Grant 8 years later. In 1961 they ceased their own maltings and instead brought malt in from Port Ellen.
In 1968 Invergordon Distillers took the helm in 1975 the number of stills increased to four.

The distillery underwent a temporary closure in 1983. Whyte & Mackay bought over Invergordon distillers in 1993 and the distillery was then mothballed in 1995. In 1998 production resumed for a few months before it was mothballed again.

Since 2004 the distillery has been committed to using Scottish produce as its raw ingredients with all barley used being exclusively Scottish and some of this is even grown on Islay. As of 2013 the distillery has resumed full production.

It is worth noting that three styles of whisky are produced at the distillery;

Bruichladdich - Unpeated

Port Charlotte- Heavily Peated

Octomore- Super Heavily Peated

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