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Grain Whisky is a variety of whisky that is made from grains other than malted barley. Malted Barley dominates Scottish whisky production however across the pond, the majority of whisky is made from Grain whether that be Maize, Corn or Rye among others.

Grain Whisky is becoming more popular in Scotland however with numerous Independent Bottlers such as Berry Brothers and Rudd, Carn Mor, Hunter Laing and Company and Douglas Laing and Company releasing a number of Grain expressions.

The whiskies themselves tend to be lighter and less flavourful than their Single Malt cousins but watch this space, the Grain whiskies are on the up...

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  • Cameronbridge 27 Year Old -1991 -Single Grain Scotch Whisky - Douglas Laing - Old Particular- The Elements Collection - Release 2- Air Edition

    Grain Whisky - 70cl / 56.6%

    We are delighted to help launch a new series of Old Particular Single Cask Limited Edition bottlings for 2019, inspired by the four Elements of Fire, Air, Earth and Water. The second release is a Cameronbridge 27 year old bottled at 56.6% ABV representing the element air. All the Old Particular Ele…

    £80.00 inc. VAT
  • Cameronbridge -1991-27 Year Old Single Grain Scotch Whisky - Douglas Laing - Old Particular

    Grain Whisky - 70cl / 54.5%%

    Cameronbridge 27 Year Old - 1991 Vintage - The Chairman's Choice - Emporium Bottling. Douglas Laing's Emporiums are a small but perfectly formed collection of specialist Whisky retailers who carry a particularly impressive array of Douglas Laing's Remarkable Regional Malts, Exceptional Single Casks…

    £69.99 inc. VAT
  • Strathclyde 11 Year Old Single Grain Scotch Whisky - Douglas Laing & Co

    Grain Whisky - 70cl / 55.5%

    Strathclyde Single Grain 11 Year Old - Douglas Laing & Co This is a great example of an 11 year old Single grain whisky aged in one sherry Butt. Distilled November 2005 Bottled July 2017 No colouring and bottled at 55.5% alc/vol. Nose : Sweet with dark molasses, coffee essence and an abundance …

    £69.99 inc. VAT
  • Loch Lomond Single Grain Scotch Whisky

    Highland - 70cl / 46%

    As a Scotsman, is there anything better in this world than singing Loch Lomond at the end of a party?  Yes actually...doing so with a glass of this, a whisky named after the Bonnie Banks in your hand makes it much better! Single grain is an elegant and full bodied single grain with a smoothn…

    £27.99 inc. VAT
  • Compass Box-Hedonism Grain Scotch Whisky

    Grain Whisky - 70cl / 43%

    Compass Box say that the inspiration behind Hedonism is the pleasure and enjoyment that can be derived from an ideal marriage of grain spirit and high quality oak maturation. They also say that this whisky embodies the seductive femininity of grain whisky, whatever that means, we think it's a lovel…

    £63.99 inc. VAT
  • Cameronbridge 23 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky - Hunter Laing Sovereign

    Grain Whisky - 70cl / 59.2%

    Bourbon and vanilla sweetness with notes of Demerara sugar and soft spiciness. Lightly spiced banana and vanilla. A delicate finish ensues, introducing mild notes of spice to sweet fudge. 

    £99.00 inc. VAT
  • Port Dundas 1990 21 Year Old - The Clan Denny Single Grain Scotch Whisky

    Grain Whisky - 70cl / 55.7%

    This is great example of a 21 year old grain whisky from the now sadly closed Port Dundas Distillery in Glasgow. Big and spiced on its candied nose initially- it warms to subtle spice suggestions plus powdered chocolate. The palate is massively sweet- lightly spiced - then mouth-coats in a honey, v…

    £99.99 inc. VAT