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Whisky production in Japan has a surprisingly prestigious pedigree. Whisky distilleries have been operational in the land of the rising sun since 1923 when Shinjiro Torii established Suntory and opened the Yamazaki distillery. He employed a gentleman by the name of Masataka Taketsuru who had travelled to Scotland to study the art of distillation and whisky production.

Mr Taketsuru eventually left the Suntory company and founded his own one in 1934 which would go on to be renamed Nikka.

These two men, the main pioneers of Japanese whisky set out to create whiskies that were very similar to the Scotch whisky that they had studied. Japanese whisky tends to be light, floral and delicate. The type of wood that is the basis of their casks has a major influence on the flavour of the whisky as they often use Mizunara (Japanese Oak) wood. It has been proven to provide the whiskies with a distinctive coconut aroma and flavour as well as evoking sandalwood too.


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