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  • Macleod's As We Get It Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

    Highland - 70cl / 64.%

    A well-respected brand in Scotland, a unique and quirky Highland Single Malt Scotch whisky made the old fashioned way. This dram may well need more than a pipette of water! A ‘valuable’ addition to any whisky collection, ‘As We Get It’ is bottled straight from the cask in the traditional ma…

    £49.99 inc. VAT
  • The Feathery - Blended Malt

    Blended Malt - 70cl / 40%

    The Feathery is named after the original golf ball. Hand-crafted out of feathers, tar and bird skin, these streamlined balls were exceptionally smooth, perfectly rounded and highly valued – just like our Highland blended malt! Deep golden brown in colour, The Feathery is dry and nutty on the nose…

    £39.99 inc. VAT