About Robbie's Whiskey Merchants

Robbie's Drams Whisky Merchants is an independently run family business, owned and operated by the Russell family and situated in the Scottish seaside town of Ayr. The business has roots stemming back to 1984 however it has been in its current situation since 2003 after a major over-haul and re-launch was conducted.

We primarily specialise in the retail of Scotch whisky but over the past decade we have expanded our range of other spirits, liqueurs, wines and ales to offer a more balanced and rounded service. With hundreds of whiskies in store you can find monthly special offers, collectors' items, limited edition bottlings, closed and silent distillery bottlings, our own range of single cask bottlings and everything in between.

Each member of staff is knowledgeable and passionate about the trade and in an era in which corporate ownership is king, we are fiercely proud of our independent status and the personal service offered to our customers as a result.

Robbie's Drams shop front in Ayr.

"Robin is a true gentleman of the whisky industry, a man who cares greatly for his suppliers, staff and most of all his customers. He strives for knowledge for his own advancement but also for the ability to teach this to his customers. It is a privilege to know Robin, work with him and best of all to call him my friend."
From one small business owner to another
George Grant, Glenfarclas Distillery

Robbie's Whisky Merchants

Robbie's Whisky Merchants (RWM) is the new online branch of Robbie's Drams Whisky Merchants. The business ventured in to the modern era with the launch of our first website in 2003 followed by a re-launch in 2004 and 2006. The old website served us well but we felt that the time had come to update our online face and so the ugly duckling became the beautiful swan in September 2013; Robbie's Whisky Merchants was born.

We strive to offer the same level of customer care and assistance online as we do in store
and so we have designed the website to be as user-friendly as possible. You will find
informative notes accompanying each and every product and we also offer a bespoke
glass-engraving service to make any gift a little bit more special.

We are constantly updating and altering the website in the hope that our passion and
knowledge is adequately projected online so that you feel as if you are truly visiting our
wonderful store every time RWM appears in your browser. Please feel free to contact
us if you feel that we could improve in any area.

Who is this 'Robbie' Character?

It is rumoured that Robbie Russell has an ABV content
and considering the fact that he has never been involved
in any employment without a Premises License there
may be some truth to the matter?

He is the owner and main operator of Robbie's Drams as
well as being a judge on the panel for the prestigious Scottish
Field Whisky Challenge to which he was invited in 2009. Robbie
has a genuine passion for the sensible promotion of Scotch whisky
and is in his element when enjoying a dram and a laugh with
like-minded people.